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"A change in weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves." - Marcel Proust .

We are a group of dedicated Indian doctors working towards making the health care accessible in India . Having years of experience at the institutes like AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER , MAMC, We have joined hands to efficiently fight the challenges thrown at us by the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of the technology. Our goal is to provide a high-quality compassionate home based treatment which will prevent the mass hospitalisations and complications amidst the constraints of the shattered health system of the country. At Telehealers, we strive to not just be your doctors but compassionate healing partners who walk with you in your journey to heal, holistically.

With integration of our knowledge and experience with technology , we want to make sure that nobody is left out suffering and everyone gets timely care and medical guidance .

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1Do I need a print out of the prescription?

According to the recent telemedicine guidelines released by MOHFW (Govt of India), pharmacies will honour all the teleconsultation prescription in digital format. So, you do not need prescription printed , just show the pdf/image of the prescription to the chemist, that will suffice. If you are ordering from online pharmacy, attach the pdf/image file of prescription given by telehealersIndia.

1Will my selected doctor solve my medical issue ?

Our doctors will give you the required medical opinion on the basis of medical history, chief complaints and diagnostic test. For your most illnesses, it will sufficiently solve the issue . In rest of the minority cases, it will help you identify next steps which may include prescription or diagnostics tests or a visit to nearby hospital.

1Are the prescriptions provided via teleconsultation legally valid and how do I ensure that the doctor is qualified for the prescription?

All the doctors will issues prescription as per the specified format, which should have his/her signature and the registration number of medical council of india/ state medical council. The Registration of the RMP can always be counter checked, if desired, on the websites of relevant medical councils.

1Can a doctor refuse or discontinue tele-consultation at any point of time?

The Tele medicine guidelines allow a medical practitioner to refuse or discontinue a teleconsultation, with due notice to the patient, during any time of the consultation process. Similar liberty has also been provided to the patients. In case of such an experience, kindly write us to

1In trauma and in acute emergency, if the doctor asks for immediate referral to a hospital but I insists for tele-management, what would be the next step?

The doctor will record his/her statement about the advice given regarding referral for in-person consult (as specified in the guidelines) and referral. In case the patient insists, the best possible care that can be given on tele-consult in the form of advice, counselling, first-aid measures to enable immediate relief should be provided.

1How would telehealers be useful in an emergency?

In case alternative care is not immediately feasible, our doctors can provide consultation to their best judgement which might be limited to first aid, life-saving measure, counselling and advice on referral.

1In case of an emergency, can I call for an immediate advice?

Yes, you may use our platform for an advice in case of medical emergency, but doctors availability will depend on patients load and duty hours.

1How can I know whom to contact or how to get in touch with the doctor on telehealers?

Once you can fill out your chief complaint, medical history and pay for the consultation , the doctor duly registered with MCI/State Medical Councils will be connected to you based on availability.

1In case the doctor feels the patient requires a physical examination, what would be the next step?

The doctor has the right to pause his/her tele-consultation and recommend an offline consultation. If during the tele-consultation it appears that a physical examination is mandatory but not feasible on online consultation, the tele-consultation should be aborted and the patient referred for an offline consultation.

1If I am on a follow-up care for a Chronic condition (eg.Hypertension ), for how long can I continue to request for refill for my medications on telehealersIndia ?

The Guidelines delimit the online follow-up consultation for a maximum period of 6 months. After this period, an in-person consultation is mandatory.

1How do we know that our privacy is not breached by tele-consultation?

The Guidelines have laid down strict norms for the medical practitioners not to breach the privacy of the patients in any form. At teleahealersIndia, we are dedicated to create most secure technological platform which ensures your privacy and confidentiality. However, the doctors cannot be held responsible if there is a reasonable evidence to believe that patient’s privacy and confidentiality has been compromised by a technology.

1Is it secure to share personal details and medical history on

All your personal details, medical history & online consultation done is completely private & secure.